6 in the morning, the time when its seems as if the spring season has come out for a stroll. No matter how hot, dry and pale the noons of summers may wane into, early morning seem sweetly ripe.

And that why 6am is the time when the bulleteers head out. Today’s breakfast city was a similar affair with riders coming out to the meeting spot, Chhatri Gate, near Achaleshwar temple. We were 5 riders with our Royal Enfield Motorcycles ready to ride. So we head out to Gwalior bypass going in from the Sitholi Road end and coming back from the Malanpur end. On the route, we stopped by a dried up water reservoir, the name of which I am unaware of and a lake which was recently formed due to stone blasting through the rocks. We have named this lake Pangong and thus it shall be known by this name for all eternity.

Both the spots were aptly scenic for photography, which I indulged a bit into. We also played cricket with the local kids at the village adjoining the water reservoir.

Once satiated with out venture on the roads, we rode to our breakfast destination at D B City. In all, the ride last around 4 and half hours, every bit of which was memorable enough to make us yearn for another Sunday and another breakfast ride.