The Bateshwar group of temples is a recent archeological find. It is said that this temple cluster was first discovered around 35 years back, but work to unearth it started only in around 2003. Armed with a photo album with several photographs of the site, the caretaker insists of telling how this site changed from being a barren land to being a beautiful, well laid out park with several temples.

I have found the spot to be one of the best spots for a breakfast rides, in or around Gwalior. And thats why I suggested that the Bulleteers head to Bateshwar group of temples for a breakfast rides with its crew of Royal Enfield riders. So thumping we went, bags filled with water bottles, samosas and jalebi towards our destination. We took the route via Gole ka mandir to Malanpur to Bateshwar. Although the road has some bad patches, its not a bad ride overall. The best part of this route is that we get to ride through all sorts of roads, from great to bad.

A striking event happened as soon as we entered the campus, I rode in first through the gate, on to the stone paved path only to be crossed two peacocks running across the path. I guess this was the first time when I almost hit peacocks on the road. We parked our bullets at our favorite spot amid the temples and went off to find and take pictures of the peacocks (only getting one good one though).

Sitting there, chatting and literally watching time fly by with the breeze was amazing. This is what bulleteers yearn for, moments of peace with careless chatter about trivialities. A wonderful ride, this one turned out to be. Looking forward to riding again to Bateshwar and of course our next breakfast ride.