Rode to Bela ki Bawadi for the breakfast ride on 29 June 2014. It was to be a very short breakfast ride and thus the total distance covered was just around 20 km. We will be looking to get back to normal lengths for routes from next Sunday onwards. Bela ki Bawdi, as a destination was new to us.

We were only two riders present for the ride and both had not seen this place before. So we ventured out on the highway to find it. Turns out that its just a well with a temple nearby.

However, a person present at the temple explained the historical importance of this place. The well was dug by the soldiers of Prithvi Raj Chauhan, while his forces were passing through this region. His daughter’s name was Bela and thus this well was named after her. The speciality of this well is that the water is at ground level. In fact it was the first time that I saw a well with a water level exactly equal to the ground level. Its pretty strange.

After exploring our destination we went ahead to have breakfast at Chaudhary ka Dhaba. The food was good and post eating we rode off happily to our homes.