Dholpur has been the destination for some breakfast rides before too. Its an interesting town with with some great pieces of architecture. Our destination for this ride was the Raj Niwas Palace, Dholpur where we were to lend one of our bullets, for an ad shoot.

The palace is one of the most interesting hotels I have seen and I have seen very few, so this opinion may come from a limited point of view. But be it the whole atmosphere in the gardens or the deeply silent and highly decorated interiors, the palace seemed like a real time killer. One could just sit around for days, consuming light items off the menu.

The shoot, as far as I know, went well and our machine did its job. Thats great, because we did leave Gwalior at 4am to reach the location on time.

Overall, a great experience. Next Sunday doesn’t look like an appropriate day to ride much, but looking forward to getting back to usual business post Diwali.