Today we chose the Jain pilgrimage, Sonagir as our ride destination. A huge cluster of temples, painted in white, set all over a hill makes Sonagir a beautiful place to walk around. Of course, there is harsh sunlight in the day time and thus it becomes a bit hard to cover the campus barefoot.

But then there are corners with cool shade and sidesteps to relax on. With the sprawling landscape all around, dotted with these temples, big and tiny, time passes by and distance passes by easily.

We took off from Gwalior at 6 am as usual but, due to some delays right at the start, we finally left the city at 6:40. We were 15 people astride 13 motorcycles and this time, like in the DGR, we followed the numbering system which proved to be practical yet again.

The route caused a bit of confusion with us hitting a couple of dead ends on the way, only to turn back and find ways through villages. But when we finally reached, the first thing to do was to sitĀ for breakfast. Walking to the top of the hill came next.

On our return we stopped by the Royal Enfield outlet, where we browsed through the newly arrived accessories. Riding gear is increasingly becoming a priority in the group, with us planning to make it mandatory for regulars, that’s why exploring of options is underway.

Overall, a good ride. Lets see what we come up with for the next week.