Specifications  as per manufacturer’s website:

-Advanced Cut & Design
-ABS Reinforced Vented Knuckle
-Knuckle Under Pad for Extra Comfort+Protection
-Outer Stitched for Extra Comfort
-Silicone Printed Palm For Extra Grip
-Pinkie Finger Protection
-Accordion Stretching Leather @ Fingers Including Thumb Infold
-Side Palm Extended Padding

Pros :

  • Good Looking leather material
  • Rugged looks
  • Light weight
  • Good all round protection on the knuckles,wrist,palm, fingers and around the thumb
  • Easy to put and take off due to various folds in the upper area
  • Overall, very convenient to use which is a plus despite the ample protection

Cons :

  • Can’t think of any at present. Will get back to this if the user conveys a con.

At Rs.2100 these are pretty good. Recently reviewed the RE Short leather gloves, which although looked much better, but lacked protection. This one has that extra protection at a marginal price difference with comparatively raw looks.

Overall, I would say that these are a good option at this price. A very practical piece of gear to have.