Damoh waterfall and the huge cave-like valley into which the water falls are an interesting testament to how beautifully water can carve into landscapes.

The semi circular rock face, over which the waterfall is located is an exposed wavy textured pile of sedimentary rock. I have seen such a rock face for the first time and am still curious how it was created.

The waterfall itself is formed by a stream of water, falling from a height of maybe 150ft. The water bursts into droplets of water, making for a sight quite similar to that of vasudhara falls in the Uttarakhand.

The roads leading to the falls are mostly good. There is some off road, but as the ground is firm all through, its not much of a problem for vehicles with sufficient ground clearance to go over the rocky cascades of river beds.

We started our ride from Gwalior at 5:40am, running late due to some confusion. However, soon after the start my motorcycle stalled and wont start. It took some time to figure out the problem, rectify and start off again. We met more riders at Morena, had poha for breakfast there. From there we head to Sirmathura, which is till where the highway leads. From here on, its rural roads, which are mostly great to ride on.

Here is a screenshot of the route after Sirmathura. Am attaching a screenshot to highlight the route, as its mostly a trail and can be confusing at some places.

the route to damoh waterfall

the route to damoh waterfall

The route the thin, light brown, wavy trail which is visible above the dotted curve which google shows as the route.

While coming back, a motorcycle’s oil chamber nut came off, leading to oil drainage. This was midway between the waterfall and sirmathura. We towed the motorcycle till Sirmathura where we got a new nut, a 17 size one and filled new oil. We ate more snacks at Dholpur, at a shop named Shyam Baba Sweets. It was the the crossroad at Dholpur, where the road from Sirmathura, meets the NH3. The aalu ki tikki and samosa were good.