With the land still holding up temperatures considerably higher than that of an average human body and with the ride to Uttarakhand in sight, we decided to find a destination within 50 km for the ride on this Sunday.

Bulleteers had not visited the Gohad fort till now as we had not considered it to be much of a place to visit. However, as some of our riders suggested and insisted to head to Gohad, the fort being, in their opinion, a good visit, we fixed our ride for this ruined fort.

The Gohad fort was built more than 300 years ago, on the Vaisli river. The fort is is circular in shape and the flow of the river has been diverted in such a way that it acts as a semicircular rampart, giving it defense. The fort, although is in ruins but surprises with its architecture, with is although very similar to other forts found in the region, but is quite distinct, with its arches and windows.

I think the fort can use some work and if it is renovated, to some extent, it can be a much better tourist attraction. However, the fort even today is very clean. I did not notice any trash anywhere. Plus maintenance is underway. We visited the fort on Sunday, so the workers were absent, but we did notice their raw materials and tools etc, which is a good sign.

There also are two wells in the fort, very impressively constructed, although dried up. Locals told us that there also are 2 temples near the fort which, in their opinion, are worth a visit. Although we skipped visiting them

The Gohad fort is inside the Gohad city, which is 45 km from Gwalior on the Gwalior-Bhind route. The road is good, mostly, right up to the fort. Overall, a very good, short ride.