Did the IDay ride 2015 in Bulleteers style, opting to explore with national flags gracing our motorcycles. Although we could not make it to our planned destination since a river in the way did let us through. Two of our riders tried to play Moses but that didn’t work. As a result we rerouted our ride, riding to Tighra and settling for breakfast on the dam wall.

From the Independence Day ride we have expectations, one is to make it easy for riders to join in and to make it interesting, so that non-regular riders should get a taste of what we do on our rides. So, it cannot be just a round of the city, it has to be short ride to a destination which is nearby, but still gives the riders a variety of terrain to work their motorcycles through.

For the national flags, we had already distributed flag rods and flags to participants to avoid wasting time on installation in the morning. The metal rods worked fine and better than the cane rods which we had used last time.

For IDay ride 2015, we choose Nalkeshwar as our destination. We went to Nalkeshwar last Sunday and found it to be great place at just 34 km from the city. Plus we found out that there is another route to approach Nalkeshwar, which comes from the other way the tighra dam. You can check out the route we took last sunday in the previous ride post. For this ride, we chose this route



Now, near about at 3/4th into the route, we have to cross the Saank river. This river is the main source of water for the Tighra reservoir, but is mostly shallow enough to be crossed. However, it being the rainy season, the flow of water had increased and with it, the depth. The water was also muddy and so we sent two riders to walk through the river and see if we could get through. However, by the time the reached the middle we knew that we could not have crossed river as it was too deep.

So, we rerouted our ride and instead of Nalkeshwar, now started for Tighra dam wall. We took the route along the Saank river. The road was narrow throughout and got muddy every now and then. There were also, numerous Rapta’s on the way. A rapta is a concrete or stone base built on the road where a river or stream flows over it. This prevents the road from being washed away.

We settled at tighra dam wall for breakfast, which was samosa, kachori and jalebi. The spot is a good place to relax for while, if the weather is pleasant. We did relax for while and then returned home.

Overall, the ride was fine. Of course, we couldn’t get to our planned destination,  but as Bulleteers believe, the route is more important and we enjoyed the route a lot. A very happy Independence Day to everyone.