This Sunday Bulleteers went to visit 3 dams in a ride which called the Dam Run. The plan was to take the Gwalior-Shivpuri highway till 15 km short of Shivpuri, take a left turn from there towards the Madhikhera Dam from where we would head towards Narwar to Mahani Dam and then take the road along the canal towards the Harsi dam. Once done with the dam, the return route would be again the internal roads towards Ghatigaon.

So, we met at our meeting point at 5am and then after all the riders we ready to go, we started towards Shivpuri. All through the day, it was raining. But it never really poured down, mostly it was heavy drizzle with light rain here and there. This made pulling out the camera hard. But since I took an umbrella along, somehow managed to take pictures.

The road from Gwalior to Shivpuri is under construction, riding through it in the rain makes your riding gear go brown with mud. There are many diversions and thus one needs to be alert all through. The road from the turn till Madikhera Dam was muddy and broken tarmac all through. Rain just added to the mixture and made it more slippery. We reached Madikhera to find out that it had not rained enough yet, for the gates to be opened. Thus the sight there was not that exciting. Although the dam and the flood area is naturally beautiful and thus we stayed there for a while.

The road from Madhikhera was no different, with potholes, mud etc. We stopped for some breakfast in Narwar. Also got some stuff packed for a halt at Harsi Dam.

From Narwar we head towards Mohani Dam, which is  an isolated dam, over the dam wall of which you can ride your motorcycle. We crossed the dam, hoping to reach till the water but did not manage to find a way. So, we just stopped for a while, looked around and then took the road by the canal towards Harsi Dam. Harsi was maybe 10km from Mohani.

Harsi is a great place, as we have seen before. There is a few tracks to take the motorcycle right up to the water, which we did. We took a long halt there, ate the food that we had got packed from Narwar and took a dip in the water. The water was clean and the whole area was very peaceful. Overall, a good place to relax.

From there, we returned to Gwalior via Aron – Ghatigaon route. Overall, was a good trip. Maybe could have been better if the dam gates at Madikhera were open, but nevertheless was a good ride in the rain, with lots to experience.