Ride to Matatila Dam from Gwalior is a smooth fast paced ride with good roads all through. The road from Gwalior to Jhansi, at present is decent and the one from Jhansi to Talbehat is a very good. From Talbehat, Matatila dam is just 3-4km.

We planned the ride at this time to enjoy the view of water gushing through the 23 gates of the dam, which we thought would be open, as monsoon has been here for while. But, although water was filled to the brim, gates were closed. With every waves in the reservoir, water was splashing from over the top of the gates, so probably the level of water which we say was the maximum possible level for the reservoir.

From Gwalior, we started at 5:30am. It now seems more obvious that the days are getting shorter and summers are waning, as it was still dark when we started assembling at the Bulleteers meeting point, at theme road. We set off, going through the Gwalior bypass and straight to Jhansi. At Jhansi, we noticed the the oil seal of one of the motorcycles was broken and oil was leaking out of the gap. As it was still early morning, we decided to park the motorcycle at a safe spot and proceed to our destination. The road from Jhansi to Talbehat is very scenic, devoid of traffic, making for a relaxed ride.

Upon reaching talbehat, we took the road through the town, the cantonment to the dam. The road from the town to the dam, leads to the reservoir first, which is a huge. The water was clean and numerous tops of hills submerged in the water made for good decoration. The road further lead to the dam wall. The gates we closed and thus the river flowing out of the reservoir was pretty, silent, with it wide rocky bed exposed.

A narrow road near the dam wall lead to a garden where there were two shops selling refreshments. The garden was nothing special, but the path through the garden lead to an area from where one can see the dam gates from river side.

On the way back from Matatila Dam we stopped for a while at the Betwa river(the same on which the dam is built) where the riders took a dip. However, due to possible presence of crocodiles in the river, the dip was restricted to the shallow part.

We we got to Jhansi, we picked the motorcycle which was left behind, towed it to the Royal Enfield service center. Its named Triveni Royal Enfield and is located in sipri Bazaar area. The mechanic quickly fixed the issue and topped up the oil. As we were already inside Jhansi city for the repairs, we decided to eat there as well. We had our lunch at Haveli Restaurant, near Elite Cinema. This place serves Thali which was really good.

We reached back to Gwalior, at around 7pm.