Royal Enfield is well known for its apathy towards customers facing issues in their motorcycles. The various vintage motorcycle models sold by the company are widely used by touring enthusiasts. Although very reliable, like the best of machines even these trusted motorcycles have their own issues and regular maintenance needs.

Such needs are meant to met through the authorized service centers, but time and again Royal Enfield tries to avoid the customers looking for after sales service.

The latest example of such an avoiding act is the reply from official Royal Enfield representative Mr. Arun Singh Rajput who replied to a written query regarding service issues on EFi models, such as the Classic 500. The question asked to Royal Enfield, via the official customer service email : was this :

“I own a classic 500 efi and have been facing various issues in my motorcycle for quite some time. However as its an efi motorcycle, the mechanics at the workshop are never able to diagnose the issues and I end up paying for services which are guesswork and do more harm than benefit.

Currently, I have a severe knocking problem and this problem has persisted for about 2 months now, but as no one including the mechanics, people at showroom, market mechanics don’t know what efi is, I am not able to get a solution. I have had a couple of oil changes, engine reassembly, battery change and what not, just as guesswork. But even after spending so much money I have no solution.

I know as a brand, you don’t care about customers, which is something that I have experienced a number of times before, but basic servicing is something that you should look to provide. So, please at least provide me a trained mechanic who can solve my problem.”

No Service for Royal Enfield EFi motorcycles in Gwalior

No Service for Royal Enfield EFi motorcycles in Gwalior

The reply to this as received from the email of Mr. Rajpoot was simple and straightforward, as copied below :

“Rimik motors staff is already trained by RE and Other that Rimik Motors there is no option in Gwalior .If you are not satisfied with his service kindly visit our nearest dealer at Guna. Details given below:-

Standard Motors-Guna

Near Vandana Convent School

Contact Person:- Mr.Sourabh

Contact number:-07745922241”

No Service for Royal Enfield EFi motorcycles in Gwalior

No Service for Royal Enfield EFi motorcycles in Gwalior

Thus it may be interpreted that Royal Enfield means to officially state that service for EFi models will not be provided in Gwalior and that the customers of this product should ride to Guna, Madhya Pradesh every time they have a problem.

If you are wondering what the root cause of the problem is, its detailed in the points below :

  • One of our riders has been facing engine┬áknocking problem from some time
  • The workshop has not been able to resolve it to date, suggesting and implementing various service procedures.
  • The rider, read the manual and as directed therein, earthed the EFi outlet wire to enable the EFi display to output the error
  • The EFi light blinked in the pattern of the error code
  • Unable to understand what the blinking code meant, the rider approached the workshop, where no one knew what the code meant nor did any one knew how to correct it. It was clear that the staff was not trained to understand the EFi system.
  • The same conveyed to the company via an email, the rest is as stated above in this article.