Over the past one month we have been thinking about the options for content for the breakfast rides for this year. In 2014, we aimed at covering locations around Gwalior for our one day events and ended up visiting around 20 different locations. This year, aim to do the same thing (of course, if we have to ride, we have to go places) but in a different way.

Working on this idea, we came up with the plan to ride through the outer chambal ravines, as area which geographically is a puzzle of meandering dirt tracks leading through the valley of river chambal and demographically is the dwelling place for numerous trigger friendly dacoits. Thus, although its a great place to ride, but we can only ride through the outer parts.

As the location is in Dholpur, we started off early to reach the entrance of the track which started just behind the Shergarh Fort. Most of the track consisted of treches with a shallow layer of loose soil. There were lots of blind corners and very limited visibility, making it easy for riders to get lost. Plus once you are alone or low in numbers, its easy to get freaked out in this barren land. All of this sounds good in the hindsight and probably added interest and a sense of adventure to the ride.

In addition to bullets, we had a karizma which did well, an impulse which of course was very comfortable in the situation and a harley davidson street 750 which although was an odd ball but unexpectedly did well all through. A Desert Storm broke its clutch wire and a classic 500 had a puncture. Both of these issues happened while on the way in, but were easily handled.

The track we took ended at the chambal river, but before that we had to go through maybe 200 metres of sand which is typical with river banks. Most motorcycles for stuck at one point or another, but we got through without any issues.

After spending some time on the river bank and dealing with 2-3 motorcycles which got stuck in the wet sand, we finally head back. The journey in and out was so interesting that it felt odd to be back on the tarmac. This of course was because we got in and out comfortably without any issues and on time.

While on our way back, we stopped for lunch in Morena. Overall, a very good ride which interesting content. Lets see if we can find similar locations and activities in the weeks to come.