There are times when abandoned abodes of men come to be repossessed by nature, which silently spreads both its roots and paws in an act of apparent reclamation.

Such was the state in which we found our destination for today’s breakfast ride, Dev Kho to be. The entire place was teeming with monkeys which were curious about our presence. Although we did not pay heed to the matter at first, but soon we realized that cooking a breakfast midst this curious gang of our ancestors could lead to trouble.

This situation was vastly different from our last visit, at which time the monkeys were few and we could comfortably have breakfast.

So we just looked around the destination a bit and then left. Its good that the only damage done were some bite holes in seats of a couple of motorcycles. But it was good visiting Dev Kho again.

Anyways, with our basic destination crossed out, we decided to head to the Tighra Dam, which is comfortably near and is a good place. The ride took us maybe 20-25 more minutes, taking us through some rough gravel, dust and a shallow water crossing.

Finding dam site to be good, clean and devoid of any monkeys we went ahead with preparing our breakfast, which for today was Poha, toasted sandwiches and coffee. The experiences from the ride helped and we were able to get through the process in a more efficient way. The cooked food was good, well, yeah good and nothing fell short.

After spending some time chatting and looking around we came back.

Overall, a good short ride and another trial of our cooking type ride, which will surely come in handy the next time we want to head of to isolated locations.