This was what I would call a sandwich ride. One that started with chaos and ended with chaos, but has a thick slice of fun in the middle.

Kakanmath, an ancient temple located deep in Morena’s rural side, is one of the most striking architectures I have seen. It has its own subtle identity, which is unique, interesting and yet simple. In short, it looks like a paused frame from an earthquake video. That’s not how I describe temples usually.

The road from Gwalior to Morena was good as usual. We stopped at Morena to collect our breakfast which was yet again, Samose + kachori + Jalebi. We then went further down the rural side, taking roads that seemingly went through fields, finally reaching Kakanmath.

Yeah, the formation of riders is still an issue that will definitely be tackled by the next weekend. Today’s experiences have encouraged us to look for ideas to get formations make and kept.

While returning we divided the ride into two groups. The first one took off first and went straight to Gwalior, while the other one (the one I was in) took it slow and reached gwalior, while eating + exploring on the way back.

Overall, a great experience as always. Lots to learn, not only about the place, but also about the group. The few new faces, will hopefully become regular riders in days to come and push forward, our initiative to develop a riding culture in Gwalior.