Today we rode to a place known as Kanher Jhiri. Its a temple built along a mountain stream in the hills near Panihar. When I had created the event, I mistook the word ‘Jhiri’ for ‘Jheel’ and thus the ride came to be named ‘Kanher Lake’. This led us to look for a lake at our destination. Instead, what we found was even better. It was a peaceful place of worship tucked away in the forest. The temple was a being taken of by 3 sadhus who seemed to be living there and guarded by a group of dogs who came to check us out as soon as we reached the parking. The road leading to Kanher is mostly tarmac being the highway to shivpuri, with the last 2 km or so being gravel. The total distance covered was around 60km and we reached back to the Dhaba at Bela ki Bawadi a little before 9am. Overall, great ride as always. Looking forward for the ride on Independence Day.