Today Bulleteers rode to Seondha to visit Kanhargarh Fort. I was intrigued by the fact that there are very little photos of this fort online. So, we had planned to check it out. Although, we could not enter the fort because of security reasons.

After the option to check out the fort was crossed out, we decided to spent more time at the Sindh river flowing adjacent to the fort. The river bank and a narrow bridge are beautifully built. Also, the water was considerably clean and plentiful.

There are a few temples on the river bank and a few in the river which make for ingredients for a great location. With some more care and maintenance, this place can be a great spot for outings, and it already is to a big extent.

On our way back, we also visited Behat, the village where Tansen, the legendary singer used to live. We visited the Leaning temple of Behat. Legend has it that the temple was originally upright, but under the massive pressure of Tansen’s charismatic singing, it leaned to its right side.

Then we also checked out a katar thing, which I don’t much about. I did not even actually get to see it, as I rode past it. But the riders who saw it said that there was the handle a very large sword pushed into the ground to the hilt. Only the upper part of the handle was seen.

Now going by proportions, if this is a proper sword pushed into the groud, it should be aroung 30 feet long. This is a matter that I would like ASI to throw some light upon.

Finally after an interesting set of destinations, we returned to Gwalior. Overall, was a good trip, as always.