When I was around 12 years old, I heard from one of my classmates about this one black mountain dog which was mostly found sitting on the dam. This dog he said and some others repeated, had one night come face to face with a leopard. The leopards in that area are known to hunt dogs and thus this should have been the end of this one. But he stood his ground and fought for his life. Eventually the some local people heard the sounds of his barking and scared the leopard into the forest.

The dog survived, but with a scar on his face. A mark he would bear forever, as a proof of his struggle that night.

I was amazed at how, maybe 5 minutes of this dog’s life came to forge his identity. How his singular experience made his ordeal a story of school kids. I don’t even know if this story was true, but the dog with the mark on his face would be remembered what he dared to do.

It is thus the tales of extra ordinary experiences which make our identity. And such tales of adventure are the parts of ours lives of which we remember forever.

2014 has been an year in which the Bulleteers went on 26 breakfast rides. Calling these one day rides tales of adventure will be an overstatement, but yes these have been small packets of mild adventures. And as the last one dayer of the year, the ride to Holipura packed a lot of punch.

From shivering weather, blinding fog, patchy roads, lonely narrow village roads, a floating bridge and a race against time, this ride had it all. Our venture to the village of old havelis was a small adventure well worth remembering.

There were times when we pondered changing the destination considering the conditions of both the weather and fog. But then, this was a one day ride to a location just 150 km from the starting point so we decided of keep going on. Coordinating 11 motorcycles in the fog was bit difficult. On the interior routes where the fog was thickest, it was easy to loose track of riders and there were times when I could not see anyone, slowing down and speeding up to find riders.

Fog turns the world into a different place and riding through it especially on narrow roads is quite and experience. At one moment you are with the group and the other you are suddenly alone. You listen to distant muffled thumps, wipe your helmet glass. clean your rear view mirror, speed up and keep looking until you are back in the line of red brakes lights.

Holipura, the village was a very different place. I have not seen a village with such houses before. Centuries old, these houses or as they are called, havelis are quite amazing. These should definitely be worked on. I believe that if the government works smartly on this place it can be tourist attraction. Its pretty unique.

The ride back was just a race against sunset. We had a couple of punctures in the day, but made it back comfortably. Well, lets say dusty+dripping+shivering type of comfortably.

Overall, an interesting ride. A challenging one as here we needed to put extra effort on the team work and coordination. A fitting end to one day rides for 2014.