What do you get when you add a little known group of ancient temples + a lake + off road track + just 20 km from the city? You get an awesome spot for short trips and rides.

Nareshwar temples, can be aptly described as this equation. Built in around 8th century AD, this cluster of temples, a gem of a location to visit all year round. It is just a 4-5 km from the airport, near the Mawai Dam, hidden in a ridge in the rocky hills. It seems to be a cousin of our favorite temple cluster, Bateshwar, with very similar style, patronage and size.

The ride to Nareshwar, was a an idea which Dr. Yogesh Yadav gave us. He recommended this destination and billed it as a top tourist for Gwalior. I was a bit skeptical at first, but now, after having seen it, I think he was right.

You can check out the Nareshwar and the route conditions in the pictures. I will add more historical information about it in this post as soon as I do some more research.