I had recently bought a new camera. Just wanted to have the ride photos to look better and all the memories picked up on the roads to be more vivid. So, we set out to learn using the camera while in the city, to avoid messing up the pics while on rides.

One of the most important sessions was this, the night ride at Motimahal. Motimahal, is an old building in Gwalior, which was build during the colonial times, but now houses various government departments. Its has been getting pretty rickety in the past few years and thus there are talks of abandoning it, but its still fully occupied till date.

Just outside the entrance of Motimahal, is a pool with fountains and a central stage. The pool is run around by a road which provides for a beautiful stretch to drive on. We decided to try out out night photography skills and the off camera flash on this road. Below you can see some of the results. I guess, these will be very useful while driving through beautiful locations in the night.