When we need to camp on a motorcycle trip, the need is for a tent which is :

  1. Small and light when packed
  2. Easy to install
  3. Easy to uninstall and pack up
  4. Waterproof material and packaging
  5. Of a shape which can conveniently tied up on a motorcycle
  6. Affordable

We have used the Quechua Arpenaz tents for our motorcycle trips and have overall found that the needs that I have talked about are properly fulfilled by both the 2 and 2 XL tents. The are very good, with practical design and are motorcycle friendly.

However, there are some differences between the 2 and 2XL tents, which are :

  1. The 2XL tent is obviously larger when installed. While both have space for only 2 people, but the 2XL tent can accommodate a 3rd person in emergency, which cannot be said about the 2 tent.
  2. The 2XL tent has some covered area outside the sleeping area. This space can be used to store luggage unloaded from the motorcycle. The space is covered from the top, but unlike the sleeping area, it is covered from the bottom, which means rain water will still flow in. So, keeping the luggage waterproofed from below will help.
  3. The 2XL tent, when packed is considerably larger than the 2 tent. I will say, is 175% the volume of the 2 tent, when packed.
  4. The 2XL tent cannot be contained in a saddle bag, which the 2 tent can. This is an important consideration for riders who carry luggage in saddle bags. If you are riding with a pillion and a saddle bag, 2 tent is the one to choose.

Overall, my opinion is that if you ride with pillion mostly, with lots of luggage and dont use a saddle bag for packing, go for the 2XL tent, which is much more comfortable.

If you ride alone or ride with a pillion, with not much luggage, then the 2 tent will be good for you.

I will be clear that both the tents can easily accommodate 2 people with sleeping bags, the only difference is the slightly more luxury (sort of) offered by the 2XL tent.

The tents can be bought at any Decathlon store. They are also available online, but are 20% costlier. The 2 tent is available for Rs.2000 and the 2XL for Rs.3500. These are the rates as of writing this post.

Overall, a good product, must have for any rider who is looking to camp.

In the motorcycle photos, the green cylindrical thing is the tent