Bulleteers went out for a simple 4 days ride to Udaipur, with an excursion to the grand Kumbhalgarh Fort. We started from Gwalior on the morning of 10th September, heading towards Udaipur Via Shivpuri. The distance is 610km via this route and the road being mostly good, its easy to cover in 12 hours.

Since we had 4 days, it was clear that 2 days would be spent in travelling and other two in exploring the destination. 1 day would be spent in Udaipur and for the other one, we decided to make an excursion to Kumbhalgarh Fort, which looked quite massive and unique in the photos I searched up the internet. Now lets look at the various aspects of the trip :

The Route :

The route can be divided into the following parts :

  • From Gwalior to Shivpuri the road has always been patchy with massive potholes at places. Although a new road is being constructed as of now and it should be done in around an year. So, the part should be easy to navigate then.
  • From Shivpuri you can get on the NH27 which is good all through, except for a stretch of 50 km around Baran where you encounter unexpected potholes. You can get to Kota easily.
  • In Kota, NH27 gets discontinued. There is a bridge over a railway line which is a incomplete from last 10 years and thus you have to go through the city. Kota is a very dusty city, with bad roads and thus it takes an hour or more to get through the 15km patch.
  • After Kota the roads are good all through to Udaipur.

Locations in Udaipur :

  • We had dinner at Ambrai Restaurant and breakfast at Little Prince Restaurant. Ambrai is a must visit, Little Prince is good too. Both are lakeside
  • We went to City Palace, Pichola Lake, Fatehsagar lake and the markets around them including the ‘pols’ and ‘ghanta ghars’
  • We stayed in a guesthouse named Lassi Guest House in an area named Binder ki Haveli. I found it via airbnb and although it seemed isolated at first, I liked how it was peaceful and comfortable to reach. It was very near the Pichola Lake and other attractions.

Kumbhalgarh Fort :

This is around 115km from Udaipur and the roads are good all through. The fort itself is massive, imposing and very well maintained. Totally worth a visit, but as with all forts make sure you can make the climb up. Visiting in summers, in day time can be very hard. Although, its worth the effort.

We took the same route back.