I felt the need to have an extra light in installed in my Classic 500 and thus started looking for a good solution. My requirement was a light which should :

  • Throw a good amount of light with loose focus, as my headlight already does reasonable job
  • Should be waterproof and sturdy
  • Should be easy to fit and just need basic wiring
  • Plus of course, good looking and complement the front of the motorcycle

I was looking to install the lights either on the leg guard along side the indicators.

I came across these 27 Watt LED lights being sold by The Motorcycle Hub┬ávia facebook. It was costing Rs.2050 with shipping then. (I don’t know if it still costs the same). The delivery after ordering was quick, the product was in good, new condition and was easy to install. I used a steel rod, which I bolted to the front number plate, for mounting these lights on, one on either side of the headlight.

You can see the installed position in the pictures.

Now, the important aspect. How well do these work?

  • The lights emit a bright, white light in an almost 150 degree circle. So, these are more like flood lights
  • Being flood lights, these light up the front and the sides of the road very well. Now I can see animals etc on the sides of the road well. Plus I can see better on turns, as the parts not illuminated by the headlight become well lit.
  • The lights will probably not be useful as fog lights. These will infact make your life in fog much more difficult. Your will need more tightly focused lights for foggy conditions.
  • The lights are strongly built and till now, have had no issues with quality
  • Making adjustments to position is easy. You can adjust both vertically and horizontally.

The problems with the light are as follows : (will add more if I come across)

  • The lights are absolutely blinding for on coming traffic and thus can be unsafe to use on highways. To overcome this problem I have adjusted the lights to have their upper limit as high as my headlight. Plus I keep the switch handy, to turn it off/on as traffic comes and goes. Mostly I use them only when in vacant roads.

Overall, if you need flood lights to use in very dark roads, like in the mountains or forests, these are very good. These are even great for highways, given that you use them sensibly. Plus the price is great.