The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride for us, the Bulleteers, is an event that brings riders together for a cause. While there are several other causes which bring riders together and there are many causes worthy of attention, but this is one event which binds people internationally. Consider it the stylish the presentation or the convincing call to cause based on facts, the DGR is has its reasons to have grown into a world wide phenomenon.

It will be better the visit to know about how an idea was pushed into reality to a team in Australia and how this team aims to defeat prostate cancer with awareness and crowdsourced funding, because they have put the whole matter together on their website quite well. But, to put in a few words, the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is an event where riders dress us in classic gentlemanly fashion, to ride classic two wheelers to raise awareness and funds for research on prostate cancer.

Bulleteers hosted the DGR for the second time today. The event was participated in by 50 riders, some with pillions, taking the total to 61 participants. The ride started from Baija Tal, which is an outer part of a large british era building. It is in the center of the city, yet a bit isolated and peaceful, making for a great place to assemble without causing traffic problems. The riders started coming in at around 7:30 am and we continued to assemble, talk, joke, eat, pose of photographs etc till 9:30 am.

Post the assembly and photography at Baija Tal, we started the ride which took to Theme Road, Maharaj Bada, City center and then finally to our destination Ten Downing Street. TDS, is a, Irish style pub, which we chose as our destination because its retro styled, spacious and has affordable food packages. The parking space was ample, the food was good and the music was great too. Overall, all the riders had a great experience at Ten Downing Street, Gwalior and definitely there could not have a better host than this.

The event ended at around 1pm with some music and dance. I hope all the participants not only went home with great memories of this short ride, but also are now more aware about Prostate Cancer. Also, as this ride is also a platform for occasional riders to ride with the group, I hope it made them and everyone else aware about road manner, safety and teamwork.

The whole team at Bulleteers thank the organisers of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride for having us as hosts for Gwalior for the second year. We had a great time putting this ride together and hope that it served its purpose well.