A special ride by all means. The theme, the preparation, the enthusiasm, the participation, the discipline and the satisfaction on having done this.

When I first talked to Mark at DGR about this, I didn’t know what to say about our group. I just showed him what we have been doing and pushed a confident yes, when he asked if the Bulleteers will be able to host this one well.

So, from his final mail of approval for the event, we started working. I told the team about this, we were all excited and this very excitement transpired into the awesome event we had.

As official hosts, there was a lot to do. The basic priority was to get the participants, the right participants. The ones who understood the mood of the ride and were prepared to break the norms to make this awesome.

For posters, banners, stickers, press notes, food, venues, permissions, planning and every other thing, I think most regular members came forward and worked without questions.

The entire Bulleteers team is thankful for The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride for giving us this chance, even though we, as a group are only a few months old. We have tried to do this well and we had fun. I hope everyone loved it. And apart from the organizers, we thank everyone from the team. for making this happen.

But wait, this is just the start, we have still much more to do. We have make Gwalior known for its riding culture. We have not taken long to get from breakfast rides of 2 riders to this breakfast ride of 50+ participants. As one of the members recently said, Bulleteers has given us a part of our school days back, the part where we just didn’t care. Lets share this feeling this passion with others.

Lets keep having fun, lets keep not caring, lets keep making ourselves proud!