The first Sunday of the new financial year is spent by bulleteers all over the country by riding together. This ride is called the Royal Enfield One Ride. Its the one ride which most of the groups hold, all in their different cities, distinct styles, but powered by the same fervor.

The case of bulleteers in Gwalior was not different. We started off for the ride at around 7 am. Although we were only two riders from Gwalior, but we were to meet a larger group coming from Agra. We were to meet up at a place called Muchkund in Dholpur. Its a place of religious significance and has existed a well built and a widely known destination for a long time.

I had never visited it, so didn’t quite know what to expect. When we reached Muchkund, we met around 25 riders there. This was the largest gathering that Bulleteers, Gwalior had ever been a part of. Being a new group, both of us from Gwalior were excited about this. Most of the riders were from Royal Riders, Agra. We have already done a few rides with them and thus know everyone well. But it was great to see most of them at one place.

We visited the Gurudwara, the temple and the vacant monuments surrounding Muchkund. It was a relaxing and visually amazing experience. Once done with the sightseeing, we went off for lunch at Jagan Hotel, Dholpur. We opted to eat Thali there, which turned out to be a good choice. The eating area was clean and the service was good.

We bid farewell to the larger group after the lunch and head back to Gwalior. Its takes around 90 minutes to reach Gwalior from Dholpur, so it was a short ride home. An end to a great riding experience and chance to part of a nationally celebrated event.