The alligator breeding center at Deori, Morena is one of its kind facility in the area around Gwalior. The specialists there actually collect eggs from the river bank, hatch them and nurture the little alligators. These little reptiles are taken good care of till they grow large enough to have a chance of survival in the wild.

So, the Bulleteers thought about paying a visit to this center. The meeting point was Gole ka Mandir crossing. From there we head out of Gwalior via Rairu and then onwards to Morena. At Morena we got out breakfast packed and then went ahead towards Deori. The need to get the breakfast packed emerged because the MP Tourism department, for reason demolished the restaurant at the Alligator center.

When we finally reached the center, bought the tickets and walked into the facility, we saw that all the cages had been demolished and new ones were being constructed in their place. The alligators had been shifted to temporary shelters in the ground behind the center. Anyways, we went ahead and had a look at the little reptiles which were segregated according to size, in different pool cages. Later on, we sat in the park and had our breakfast.

During our breakfast we decided to move ahead to the banks of Chambal, the distance to which was around 20 km from deori. This was agreed upon by all members easily, because the dissatisfaction of not finding the alligator center in proper working state, had left us wanting for more. So, we moved ahead to Chambal, where we sat, watching the river and listening to the tales of the boat house keeper.

As it was a very hot day, we did not venture out into the river for a boating session, but instead just sat in the shade for a while, after which we headed back to Gwalior. As this is one of the initial breakfast rides, I think there is a lot to be done on the planning front to make our rides more entertaining and well timed.

Hoping for many more and better breakfast rides in the future.