This Sunday we started off the ride with a plan to visit a dried up dam near the ramaua village, followed by breakfast at Datia. The ride to dam took us through foot trails and fields, leading to the center of the reservoir. We parked our vehicles at a high point and enjoyed a wonderful view vast green fields with the rising sun.

We then went ahead to a dhaba infront of the Jaurasi temple for tea, where we found another option for a destination. It was a temple named Hidalaya, located on a plateau near the village Billaua. The roads were to be mostly graved and dirt. Near temple was to be a creek in the plateau with a stream and pond hidden inside thick vegetation. And this was just around 40km away. Sounded good.

So, we dropped the plan to head to Datia, instead had our breakfast at the dhaba we had halted at and then rode towards Hidalaya. The roads were indeed gravel and dirt making it a good track to ride on. Upon reaching the temple, we had to park our motorcycles and then walk ahead.

After walking for maybe 15 minutes we finally reached a point from where we had to descend down into a creek. It looked like a dry place up till now, but as we went inside, it became all shadowy, wet and cool. There were a couple of small ponds being fed by a thin stream. The stream itself was dropping off a cliff. In the monsoon season, that stream should make for a good waterfall. A good place, overall, to relax for a while, listen to music.

We head back soon, picked our motorcycles from the temple and rode back. A good trip all through. Short, but interesting. We covered around 100km in total.