Every Sunday brings to Bulleteers, the joy of riding and breaking bread with fellow riders. As per the format of rides we are following, we alternate between rides within city limits, to those within a range of 100 km.

Today’s ride was the longer one, with the destination being Muchkund, the enticing man made lake in Dholpur. Like numerous other aesthetically designed and meticulously realized man made lakes of Rajasthan, Muchkund too presents a pacifying and alluring aura. The atmosphere is religious with a Gurudwara and a temple in within the monument complex. The cascading steps all around the lake provide for various calm corners to sit for a chat.

But alas, the spot has this one flaw which makes it a slightly inconvenient spot for breakfast rides. This is the absence of restaurants in the area. The best walk around to this problem is to get packed food and water.

In all, even on such a hot day, we had a good time during ride and the  breakfast. Bulleteers will surely plan a return to this location sometime soon and till then, I expect more Royal Enfield owners to join in for the ride.