This Sunday we rode to Pagara dam, which although is well within our one day ride range, being only 80km from Gwalior, but had not been covered till now. The reason for not visiting this destination was mostly its barren and isolated location, which raises some valid security concerns.

However, today when today we decided to head to Pagara, we started off keeping in mind that this should be a short trip. This was to be a dam, where it would be hot and boring. We would take a look around and head back. However, as we descended into the valley in which the dam’s reservoir is location, the view from the top seemed unreal at first. We had just crossed around 10km of barren rocky land and now we were descending down to valley covered with fresh green grass. This was unexpected.

We hurried down through the broken tarmac, through a small village and reached the spot where the grass started. After pausing, puzzled for a while we started off towards a tree which at atop a short hill. Riding on the grass was fun. It was wet and slippery on the inside and the smooth uneven terrain made us wish for all roads to be like this.

Finally after reaching the tree, we huddled in the shade. Some village kids who had seen us coming gather around us and soon everyone was taking photos with them.

After spending around an hour at this place, walking around, riding in the grass, eating, talking, we started back. Overall, an amazing place. One of the best natural destinations we have ridden to. Hoping to ride here again, in better numbers.