Today, the Bulleteers rode again in the search of a great breakfast destination. The destination we chose to try out today is the Tighra Dam. Its the main water reservoir for Gwalior and thus is quite large, clean, well maintained and easily approachable. The distance of this dam from the main city is around 15 km and the roads are okay, with good tarmac most of the way and dangerous potholes in parts.

As with every breakfast ride, we started off early at 6 am from Bulleteers Meeting Point. From here we went to Jiwaji Chowk where we bought bread, jam, milk packets, bournvita, butter and a knife. We then went to Naya Bazaar, where, from the famous Bahadura Halwai, we bought kachori and boondi ke laddu. We already had soft drinks and water and thus with a breakfast in our bags, we started off for tighra dam.

We crossed the dam and went through the side road to the rear part of the dam wall, where we could park our Royal Enfields right infront of the waterfront. The road leading to this point was bad and I would categorize riding through it as off-roading. There are some pictures of us riding through this part.

Once at out destination, we prepared and ate our  breakfast, relaxed and enjoyed the scenery for a while and then rode off back to Gwalior.

Overall, was a great ride. Although the distance covered was not much, we got to ride through a wide variety of roads and were treated with awesome waterfront scenery. Looking forward to another breakfast ride to this destination.