When I look at the rides that we have done and think of what makes a ride good or memorable or a great suggestion to tell people about, its not just one thing that comes up. Its several tiny and large aspects of a ride which make it awesome.

Although I can’t make a complete list of all of those, but when it comes to a ride like the one to Fort Rampura, I can confidently say that it had every single one of those ingredients which make a ride awesome. The team, the roads, the destination, the host, the food, I mean everything that I look back at looks like a pretty convincing reason to ride.

Fort Rampura is nested somewhere in the Chambal Ravines in the district Jalaun. Its a 600 year old fort located in the middle of a small town named Rampura. Its currently overseen by the Mr. Keshavendra Singh, the 14th generation of the family line which built and owned the fort. Its being run as an unconventional hotel with a very special ambiance, with stay and food with numerous facilities and activities on offer.

The place is around 170 km from Gwalior and we took the route through Bhind. As mentioned before, the roads are really good. Even the rural roads are exceptionally good. It took us 4.5 hours to get there, finding our way through the numerous crossroads which we rode through.

Upon reaching the fort, we were immediately excited about looking around and meeting out host, who promptly came forward and introduced himself as Keshu. He took us to an open veranda kind of a place in the middle of fort, where spent most of our time. The cool breeze and the shade of thick walls was utterly comforting everybody started with their questions about the fort, about the host, the place etc.

Keshu ji showed us around the fort, taking us through every room and gallery that was there. It was a great experience and in fact a privilege. After looking around, we again gathered in the central area, where we continued with the lunch, even more talk and music. At around 3pm we bid farewell to the fort. Considering it it could take us 4-5 hours to get back, this was the right time to leave.

Overall, this was an awesome ride. Keshu ji is a great host and the fort is a must visit destination. We will surely be heading there again, sometime the future.