After a long time we head out for a night halter. Our previous short night halt trip was to Bhimtal, which turned out to be awesome.

Recently, Sabya has proposed a ride to Deogarh. I said ok lets do it, should a routine ride to small town. No one else showed interest either, as this was probably going to quite boring. But what I got, I was totally not expecting. The light monsoon rains had literally adorned the route, like an ikebana artist would. There was light drizzle all through the way, which was 90% great tarmac. Water bodies all around, fields, forests, groves, grass fields, rocky mountains, cloud play and what not. Visually, this was the most spectacular short ride I have had. Our stay at Deogarh and food was all at Jain Dharmshala, which was the only available accomodation option there. Was pretty good, a roof top from where had a view of the green fields and a bit of Betwa River. The first of this village is the Dasavatar temple, which is mostly in ruins, but some prime sculptures are in place. But the visually interesting attraction is the Jain temples cluster located within the Deogarh Fort ruins. The cluster is managed by ASI and is very well laid out and very clean. The fort ruins have been reclaimed by the Jungle and offer an amazing ride through. There is a narrow muddy road which leads through the ruins, which is a pleasure to ride through. You have the jungle, view of the Betwa valley, various ruins, view of a rock mountain, where various statues are carved into the rocks, various ghats, caves. The ride back was quick. We started off early, stopped a Datia, where we visited the palace in a hurry. We rode off the Sonagir, only to be told ki its lunch break, ahem, 3 hour lunch break. So, we rode back. We crossed a village named Badoni, which has a fort and a haveli. Am surely making a ride that place soon, as the structures looked interesting from the outside. Thats about it, I branched off the Gwalior and Sabya went off the Agra. Happy ending to an awesome ride.