Dhumeshwar is a very old (people say mahabharat kaleen) shiv temple in Bhitarwar tehsil, near Dabra.

Temple structure is really old & interesting and there is one saying that someone unknown does the morning pooja by putting bel-patra on shiv ling! It happens everyday and nobody has been able to catch the creature yet. Location is awesome, a cool picnic spot with a river flowing by just back of the temple.

It is around 75 kms from Gwalior. Route is Gwalior – Dabra – Bhitarwar Road – Kariyavati – Dhumeshwar.┬áTake right from Jhansi Chauraha in Dabra, ride towards bhitarwar. After around 20 kms take left from Kariyavati village.

Road from Gwalior to Kariyawati via Dabra is OK. Ok means tarmac exist.
Not sure about last 10 km patch from Kariyavati as its been really long when I went there.

All in all, its a fun 150 kms ride!

P.S. – Old time bollywood vamp queen ‘Lalita Pawar’ was from Kriyavati village.