Many owners of the EFi powered Royal Enfield motorcycles are haunted by the question of whether this technology is reliable or not. The technology is offered by Royal Enfield on 500cc motorcycles like Classic 500 and Desert Storm and its admirers and critics remain pretty polarized in their opinions.

I have already gone into the details of the EFi system and the whole scene of its maintenance in another article, so please read it there.

Below, we are considering the following aspects of Indimotard Greasehouse’s EFi to Carburetor conversion kit.

You can check out this products on indimotard’s website and buy it here :

  1. General view among riders using it
  2. Cost
  3. Contents
  4. Installation
  5. Performance and mileage after change over
  6. Maintenance

Am adding the details which I have concluded after a short use post installation. I will be adding more conclusions or corrections once I have used this on more rides.

  1. General View among riders using it : First of all, I considered this an option when the fuel injector jammed. So, it was an option which was easily available. But before making my decision, I asked a few people were using it. They told me that they were getting good performance and better mileage. They also said that it is easier to tune and maintain as compared to the EFi. Overall, I inferred that its a tech which riders are more comfortable with.
  2. Cost : The kit costs Rs.7500 with delivery, the installation may not cost much, maybe Rs.500 max, as its pretty straightforward. The EFi kit, in comparison costs Rs.12500 and installation may cost same as the carb.
  3. Contents : The kit contained the following :
    1. Adapter place for fuel pump : This basically cover the opening in the lower side of the fuel tank, in which the pump is fitted. It looks pretty well finished.
    2. Petrol tap and hose : This is the tap which comes by default on all carb motorcycles, with on, off, reserve modes.
    3. 33mm inlet manifold rubber : This the rubber tube which connects the air inlet coming from the filter to the carb. Basically, the inlet pipe is a bit short, so needs this as an extension.
    4. UCD 33 Carb : The carburetor, which as indimotard says is well suited for the machine and is tuned and ready to go
    5. Bolts and washers : all the bolts and washers that you may need for the installation
  4. Installation : The installation is simple. Remove the pump, its pipes, electrical connections and injector. Bolt in the kit in its place. The instructions come with the kit, so this part should not a problem. I have also attached an image of the instruction list which came with the kit.
  5. Performance and mileage : The performance seems similar, although the way the motor accelerates is different. Basically, the temperament of the engine changes slightly and it seems a bit less aggressive. Although, please note that I am saying that feels different and not better or worse. I may be able to judge this in the long term, but till now I am happy with the way it is working. For the mileage, I will have to keep tab for some more time, before I am give a figure. I will update this post when I have done that.
  6. Maintenance : The carburetor is known to have a lower maintenance cost and well as skill requirement. The parts are more easily available and also the mechanics are easily available. I am sure that issues arising with kit will be much easier to fix on the go, than EFi. Infact EFi can get impossible to fix on the go, while this thing has a chance. Although, even in this section, I will update any new things I learn as I use it.

Overall, I think that this kit is a good option for EFi users who EFi kits have gone kaput. Its cheaper than the stock kit and its easier to keep running in the long run. Its also easier to tune and thus can adapt better to conditions.

I will update on any new things I learn.