When Alexander the Great was a kid, his father told him the story of man who for once in his life, had to make a choice.

The event of making this choice came about as this man was invited to part of an army which was going to a wage their most ambitious war ever. As he was a warrior of immense fame, he was given a choice to join in or to stay out. He then, asked his mother, who was a Goddess for advice.

She told him that if he stays out of this war, he will live for a hundred years and have the most satisfying life ever. Although, probably after 3 or 4 generations, his name would be forgotten.

However, if he joined the war, he would never return. But the army on his side would be victorious and he would be remembered as the hero of the world’s greatest battle, for ever and ever.

The man, whom we know as Achilles, made his choice. We know him. Still.

And Alexander, who grew up believing in this story, was greatly inspired by it.

Alexander was once given a similar choice in his life.

He made his choice. To live a life that was not ordinary. To be free. To realize his capabiities. To be remembered. What he did is history.

Everyone of us has heard stories of people who have chosen to do the extraordinary. Such stories are countless. Such inrpirations are countless.

Let us be inspired. Let us be free. While there is little probabilty of any one us turning out to be an Alexander. But let us continue to be the mavericks who tread their own path.

Bulleteers is about being inspired. It is not about just riding. Its about igniting the spirit of freedom.

A big congrats to us uniting and igniting this spirit of being inspired.