Our breakfast ride on the motorcycle day + yoga day, took us to the ruins of a monastery in Surwaya. Monks are said to have spent time gaining knowledge and practicing yoga here.

I don’t know how the funda of a fortified monastery works, but the architecture of this place is different from what we see normally in this part of MP. Everything about this building is very squarish and the layout is an arrangement of nested sqaures. Maybe the other two monateries in the area, which we are yet to visit are similar.

The road to shivpuri is undergoing 4-laning, but thankfully, the work seems pretty organized and isn’t a disaster like the Gwalior-Jhansi route. 4 laning of this route, willl throw in some good destinations around Shivpuri on the breakfast table. Plus, getting off to Rajasthan via this route will be easier.

Some clouds were moving around the sky for a change. I have seen plain blue skies for the last few rides, so good to see some white patches.

Overall, a good short ride with 4 riders, myself, Nishant Tomar Yashwant Chauhan and Narendra Jain making participating.