Saddlebags are a neat way of storing luggage for both long and short rides. As these are easy to mount/dismount, its hardly takes some effort to put them to use. Plus, as these look relevant on most motorcycles, they don’t attract too much attention on road, which is a good thing while on rides. Saddlebags are a necessary item for riding, in my opinion. They make that luggage loading part really simple.

I am writing this review after having used these bags on around 10-12 short and long rides.

Specifications : 

  • Touring Saddlebags For Bikes with Straight Exhaust
  • Shape: Cuboidal (3D – Rectangular)
  • Fabric: 600 Denier Polyester+Nylon Lining
  • Mount Style: Pillion Mount
  • 45~ Litres (14″x12″x8″ Symmetric Sides) “inches”
  • Plus Additional space for 2x 1500ml + 1x 1000ml Water Bottles
  • Plus Pockets for quick access tools
  • Plus provision to carry Tripods,Tents and Sleeping bags externally

Pros : 

  • Very convenient, easy to mount and dismount
  • Look good and yet not flashy. Fit well on all royal enfield models (yet to see them on a continental gt)
  • Enough storage space for most riding needs. I take these on breakfast rides and on 3-4 day rides. Equally useful in both cases
  • Bottle holders and document sleeve are a plus
  • The top flap is waterproof so rain doesn’t immediately make its way in. Although, external rain covers are needed during rains
  • Pretty sturdy. No damage on my piece yet.
  • Straps for carrying tripods etc are a big plus. Have used them to carry my tripod, which otherwise was a big pain.

Cons :

  • No fitting rain covers available from cramster

As is evident. I don’t see much against these bags. There may be cheaper options available in the market, but my experience with these bags has been problem free.