There are a lot of aftermarket silencers available in the market. For Royal Enfields, the name of this item, ‘Silencer’ is least appropriate as I don’t think any one buys them to ‘silence’ their motorcycle. Mostly, these silencers are bought with the following purposes :

  1. To amplify or improve the sound of the motorcycle. Riders say that its not about increasing the volume, but its about making it sound amazing.
  2. To improve the performance. The stock silencer, for some reason, keeps the engine on a slight leash. After market silencers promise to break that.
  3. Looks.
  4. The length, height, shape, for off road or luggage loading purposes

Lets what the makers, Indimotard say about the above points on their website :

  1. Sound : Accoustics tuned to sound closest to the old cast iron bullets, but not too loud and irritating at higher revs
  2. Performance : Liner power deliver from 60 to 120 kph. Ceremic wool inside, to improve thermal effciency
  3. Looks : All aluminum construction, polished to high gloss.
  4. Shape : Although nothing is specifically mentioned about the shape etc being special, but its said to long lasting.

You can check out the official website for product details and to buy it at :

I borrowed a silencer of this make from a friend and used it for around 10 days before buying one for myself. I used it in city and on a one day ride. The total distance done was around 500km. The fact that I ordered it, after having used it, means that I was convinced about this item. But still, here is what I think.

  1. Sound : While most silencers get very loud at high revs, this one really manages the loudness well. I am still to hear it get irritating. I have heard it at idle, while twisting the throttle in neutral, while accelerating hard from 0 to 120kph, but overall, it sounded good. For me, this is the best sounding silencer out of everything I have heard.
  2. Performance : When coming from a stock silencer, the improvement is performance is very obviously. In every gear its easy to push the machine up to 10 kph extra. Please note that this improvement in performance it true to varying degrees with most after market silencers. So, I cannot say if the performance is better than competition, but its much better that the stock one.
  3. Looks : It looks decent and goes well with the classic styling of RE motorcycles.
  4. Shape : Its shorter that the straight silencer and thus will hit rocks etc lesser. Plus, as its straight, you will have no issues with our carriers, saddlebags etc.

I am yet to reach a decision, as far the mileage change upon using this silencer is concerned. I will update this review whenever I have done that.

Cons :

  1. Nothing as of now, will update if I encounter a problem.

At Rs.3750 its seems well priced and value for money to me. I would recommend this to fellow riders.